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Ledgeris is offering independent assessment, consulting and mentoring services for developers of blockchain applications and those planning a token sale as part of their fundraising plans.

Ledgeris will help you identify and utilise a range of professional services including: legal, tax, compliance, smart contract development, security audit, community management and marketing.

Specific services that you may utilise:


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Diamond-backed token D1

Ledgeris is responsible for development of the D1 - an ERC20 token which is fully backed by investment-grade diamonds vaulted in a secure facility. Bill Claxton leads the team developing all the supporting smart contracts and the SAAS service for administrators, including features such as diamond custodianship, registry on blockchain, issuing and redemption of tokens. D1 smart contracts were audited and certified as safe to trade by two different firms.

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Music and license registry, token sale

Ledgeris is an ICO Advisor for Spxtrum Pte Ltd (formerly Spectrum 5) in preparation for their token sale. The SPXTROS platform is a developed Ethereum blockchain SAAS service which makes it possible for artists to register their music, stipulate royalty shares and distribute license fees paid, using either an SPX token or fiat-denominated coupon. Our advisory service includes: business structure, tokenomic design, whitepaper writing, token sale planning and operations management over a 6 months engagement.

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Identity Management, token sale

Ledgeris is developing NextID as its own in-house project. NextID is a self-sovereign identity management application which leverages decentralised ids based on a proposed W3C specification to enable individuals to safely store credentials and documents related to their financial, career, academic and health needs. All of the documents are encrypted and anchored to the Ethereum public blockchain, with support for permissioned sharing and independent verification.


William Claxton

William Claxton

Operations Director

Bill Claxton is a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He holds a certificate in BlockChain For Technical Executives and Analysts from B9Lab Academy in the UK and has spoken at various blockchain events. Bill has been active in the IT scene in Singapore for more than 20 years, was an early Bitcoin investor and most recently served as Operations Director of fintech startup KYC Chain.


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Preferred Blockchain Technology Consultancy

Zynesis delivers scalable decentralised solutions on blockchain architecture and supports critical business operations flexibly.

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